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I have a profound grasp of why and how an appropriate whole food, plant-based diet is so incredibly effective at preventing, stopping progression, and even reversing the damage to one's vasculature from eating the diet adopted by most of modern humanity.

I was warned, and I have experienced, that for a vascular patient, moderation of dietary choices will only result in continuing damages. A "decisive" compliance will be required in order to achieve the disease reversal like that shown in the photos of the Home page on this website.

I have debated whether to use the term "idiotic" in describing portions of my life journey since I was first diagnosed with severe disease. I have been unable to determine a more apropos term. Today, I prefer to think that my "straying" from the path, though only moderate, has provided experiences that will serve you well. I will do all in my power of influence to keep you from making the same mistakes I have made. These were real, with real consequences, and were unnecessary.

I have come to firmly believe that, as long as I am breathing, it will never be too late to return to my "decisive" compliance.

"Everything in moderation" is a lethal lie. Do not buy it! It has taken many years to damage the blood vessels in our bodies. "The Heart-Healing Diet" is so incredibly effective in reducing and eliminating uncomfortable and painful symptoms that one can easily convince himself or herself that the disease has healed. Assume it has not and stay on course. Remember...our vasculature has been on fire and we have been tossing gasoline on it for many years. Dietary "gasoline" will quickly cause any remaining embers to flair and resume damage. Why would we do that?

Many claim "it's simply human." I don't buy that. Being human means we have the ability to exercise choice. Having support is very helpful in consistently exercising the promises we make to ourselves.

I want to help you. I need your help as well. This path is not easy. I will not pretend that it is. It does get easier over time. Like all significant changes, there are crisis points to go through that, depending on the choice we make at that moment, will determine whether moving forward presents unnecessary challenges or moving forward builds a greater strength of commitment.

I share my story of compliance, and "idiocy," on another page. Here is a direct link.

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MY MISSION is to help Heart and

other vascular patients by promoting

healing, eliminate symptoms, and achieve

quantifiable improvements.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to transform your

entire vasculature into an optimally

functioning system, thereby

removing causation for Coronary Disease

and other vascular disorders.