You may be wondering, "Is this the right program for me?"

The program's primary design is for people willing to take effective steps in reversing their Heart Disease or other vascular disorder and for those who suspect they will become symptomatic and eventually diagnosed and are seeking effective prevention.

I knew long before I was diagnosed that I was going to be detrimentally affected. My cholesterol was always very high. I had high blood pressure. My father had died at a very young age from Coronary Artery Disease complications. I was overweight and had become diabetic. I had been a smoker for a number of years. In other words...

I was a prime candidate...I got elected.

After the election, I imagine a better path forward.


"The Visionary Heart Patient"

How to become a "Visionary Heart Patient"

Awaken your own visual instincts and

embrace "The Heart-Healing System."

Who benefits?

  • Current Heart Patients seeking the most effective alternative for healing from Coronary Artery Disease

  • People well aware that they are prime candidates for a future diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease

  • Patients experiencing any level of Heart Failure

  • Men experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

  • Anyone experiencing Diabetic tendencies or are diagnosed with diabetes

  • Those in the overweight or Obese categories

  • People with levels of Dementia, including Alzheimer's, who want to slow progression

  • Patients experiencing Emotional Issues associated with living with Heart Disease

  • Anyone Seeking Optimal Health

List of 20 Problems and

Benefits from Solving them

If you find your problem or problems in this list,

this program provides the solution

and, most importantly,

you get to enjoy the Benefits.


Solution and Benefits

Coronary Artery Disease -Heart Attack

Solution - Naturally enlarge the openings in your coronary arteries and even a small increase allows a major increase in blood flow. Stabilize the existing plaque to reduce vulnerability to releasing and forming a clot resulting in a heart attack.


Decrease and Eliminate Pain...Sleep Better... Resume More Challenging Activities...Release Need For Medication and Medical Interventions...

Facing Surgery - Stents, By-Pass

Solution - Unless you need an immediate life-saving intervention, your better option is non-invasive and will eliminate the cause for your heart's condition in the first place.


Avoid Painful Procedures...Minimize Risk...Eliminate the Cause of the Disease...Know You Are in Control...Become a Positive Statistic...

High Blood Pressure

Solution - Naturally heal the inner lining of your arteries and reduce the viscosity of your blood. Foods high in fats do the opposite.


Far Less Likely to Die From Heart Disease and Stroke... Extend Your Life...

High Cholesterol

Solution - Cholesterol is only found in foods from animal sources. Eliminate dietary sources of cholesterol. Lower yours to below 150.


Avoid Heart Attack...Improve Whole Body Vasculature...

Dementia, inc. Alzheimer's

Solution - Following the program offered by HeartsFlow Healing will slow the progression of the symptoms of dementia.


Extend Life Span and Cognition...Improves Memory and Concentration...


Solution - Being a vascular happening, stroke can be effectively prevented by maintaining an appropriate lifestyle. If a stroke has already happened, improved blood flow to the brain will be helpful in rehabilitation. Controlling blood pressure and weight, both accomplished through our methods, reduces risk of another stroke.


Improved Post-Stroke Functioning...

Erectile Dysfunction

Solution - Being a vascular condition directly related to blood flow, healing the arterial system will naturally allow increased blood flow.


You've Got This One...

Heart Failure

Solution - Many case studies exist showing this program being effective in turning around the mortality risk of advanced heart failure.


Living Far Longer Than Expected...Resuming Activities of Daily Living

Peripheral Artery Disease

Solution - This is another vascular condition brought about by what is called "Endothelial Dysfunction," a condition affecting the body's entire vasculature. Heal the "Endothelium" and the blood flow increases throughout the body. This programs heals endothelium naturally.


Pain in Legs and Arms subsides...Walking Becomes Easier

COPD - Lung Disease

Solution - Under normal medical treatment, this disorder remains progressive with death the eventual result. Studies have shown actual improvement of lung function through following the guidelines of this program.


Avoid Dying From COPD...Increase Breathing Capacity...

Arrhythmia - Fast, Slow, and Irregular Heartbeat

Solution - Studies have shown that by dietary methods of improving all vascular issues, there is improvement in steadying the heartbeat rate into a healthy range.


Improved Quality of Life...

Slow Healing Wounds

Solution - Anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and micronutrients regularly supplied by nutrient dense foods provide the means for the body to repair efficiently, both internally as well as assisting skin conditions including wounds, acne, psoriasis, etc. Resolution of Diabetes effectively eases the wound healing process.


Reduce Hospital Wound Care Visits...Decrease in Painful Procedures...Get On With Your Life...

Fear - Associated with heart disease or other chronic condition

Solution - When dependent on medical intervention, the patient feels out of control and distant from the process. The unknowns are overpowering. Knowing you are in control of your own healing builds confidence and releases fears. Success stories go a long way in relieving fears.


Confidence That You Are On the Right Path...A Strong Sense of Purpose...Self-Respect

Anxiety - The thought that any moment a heart attack will strike.

Solution - One goal of this program is that you make yourself heart-attack proof. You have eliminated all causes for the vast majority of heart attacks.


Seeing a Brighter Future...Undistracted Attention to the Present...

Feel that your life is quickly slipping away

Solution - Following this program you will gain tremendous confidence that you are adding many healthy years to your lifespan. In all likelihood, this will be true, regardless of your current age or condition. Read the amazing story of Millie on the following website link.


Choose Life...Find Your Reasons to Live...Stay Alive


Solution - Diabetes is widely recognized, even in the medical world, to be very responsive to dietary lifestyle changes. Healing diabetes is simple. Follow this program compliantly and diabetes will be a thing of the past as will the many symptoms of the disease.


Avoid Amputations...Save Eyesight...No More Nerve Pain in Extremities...

Overweight, Obese

Solution - There is no better solution to weight loss than following the recommendations in this program, period.


Release the Need to Protect Yourself...Embrace more of who you really are...

Low Energy

Solution - Provide the body's proper fuels and your engine will run optimally long into very old age. Look at the junk we throw into our tank. We're rusting out!


You Are Available for Whatever You Decide to Do...No More Excuses...

Regular Colds and Flu

Solution - We've weakened our immune systems substantially. This is an easy one. This program optimizes your immune system. You will never be afraid of little invisible bugs again.


You Get to Choose Your Down Time...Never Miss Out on Things You Want to do Unnecessarily...

Constipation, Irregularity

Solution - Not one gram of fiber comes from eating foods derived from animals. These foods take a long time traveling through the intestines. You only get fiber in your diet through plants. Need I say more? Eat plants...problem solved. For an added push, take psyllium husk in water, a recommendation in my program.


Major Boost of Energy...Feeling Lighter...Relief From Nausea... Relief From Intestinal Cramping...

This is by no means an exhaustive list of benefits. The problems listed are prevalent in our modern world and the unfortunate fact is that each condition is preventable by lifestyle modifications. These conditions, once they have manifested, are profoundly improved by following the guidance offered in my program.

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