Using Food to

Stop Chest Pain and

Avoid a Heart Attack

by David Matthews

Question: So how do you do that?

We support people in eliminating all foods known to be harmful to the endothelium, that critical inner lining of the arteries. Further, we encourage people to focus exclusively on foods known to have healing properties, particularly focusing on foods that heal and bring back the ability of the endothelium to produce nitric oxide.

Question: What is nitric oxide and why is that important?

When someone is experiencing angina, the chest pain felt by so many, it usually is the result of a narrowing of the arteries from plaque build-up. An analogy is blocked house plumbing which doesn’t drain well and requires servicing. Nitric oxide is the key molecule to relaxing and expanding the openings of the arteries so that, even arteries compromised by significant narrowing, sufficient blood flow relieves pain and provide the heart sufficient oxygen and other necessary nutrients.

Question: What can someone with angina actually expect to experience through following these recommendations?

First, understand that everyone is at various stages of disease. To be experiencing regular bouts of angina, there is usually a significant progress of plaque build-up. Following these recommendations with what I call, “decisive compliance”, there is often immediate results to some degree. However, for most people, expect to truly be experiencing consistent relief in 3 or 4 weeks. You will learn what you do to encourage angina to present or to subside. Your experience will leave you confident that you hold the key to hurting or relief.

Question: You mentioned heart attack. How is it possible to avoid?

Most heart attacks occur from clots forming within a coronary artery beginning as a fresh, fragile plaque that may have been deposited this morning, or last week, or a month or so ago. It’s hard to say. People continuously damage their endothelium, the inner lining of the arteries, all day long. This process began when you were quite young, as early as infancy. The plaques deposited long ago are stabilized and present little concern, other than symptomatic if narrowing is sufficient.

However, by eliminating all food know to be harmful to endothelium and to eat foods known to be healing to endothelium, new plaque is no longer depositing. As the current plaque ages, it stabilizes and actually quite quickly. In fact, it is this newer, fresher plaque that is far easier for the body to remove without damage.

Following the appropriate guidelines, one makes oneself Heart Attack Proof.

Question: Ok, this sounds really good! You’ve not given any details yet. I am assuming you’ll be recommending the Mediterranean Diet, or Keto, or at the very least, supporting the dietary recommendations of the American Heart Association, right?

No...It is none of the above. None of these... or all of these practically guarantee progression

There is only one way of eating proven to completely stop coronary artery disease progression in its tracks and, in many instances, to reverse varying amounts of the damages.

That is how I eat. That is what I will teach you and support you in accomplishing for yourself.

Question: I don’t know the details, but this sounds extreme. Whatever it is, I don’t think I could ever give up what you are going to suggest.

A few years ago they wanted to lay me out on a table, crack my chest open, cut veins from my legs, sew them onto the gnarly arteries on my heart, staple me back together, and, if I lived, have me suffer awaiting my next episode. I refused.

Or, I could eat as Nature intended. You tell me...Which option is extreme?

Question: That’s a good answer. I still don’t think I could do it, whatever it is.

You may be right. It presents a significant challenge though everyone would certainly benefit with the exception of many restaurants and food suppliers, and medical industries, and pharmaceutical industries. We have a huge economy running on the chronic disease conditions of our people. Their influences, therefore, are intrusive to every turn we take.

You’ll feel quite alone in your efforts...except for one thing. You’ll have what I never had. I’ll be there to hold your hand through the changes. Your chances of success increase exponentially having a support mechanism as well as a group of others making similar changes.

Question: I am currently under the care of my cardiologist. He has me taking several medications. Will what you are doing interfere with this?

It has been my experience that cardiologists want what is best for their patients. Most are aware that one’s diet has the most profound effect on the health or lack of health of the heart.

Many won’t get very excited because they don’t think you’ll actually do it, and in many cases, they will be absolutely right! Even pain and premature death are not necessarily sufficient motivations for changing old tastes and habits. But for those willing to make the changes, the freedom from fear by living in a body that actually is and feels like it’s growing younger is truly magical.

However, I am in no way recommending you quit following the guidance from your cardiologist. As your health improves, many of his recommendations will modify. There may come a day he actually removes you from any medication. You, of course, have the right to engage in your own healing in manners you believe are in your best interest. Where I am guiding you is into the most nutrient dense manner of eating known to man. That can in no way do any harm. There are only benefits beyond your wildest imagination.

Transformation into a healing individual is a wonderful experience to behold. Your cardiologist will become amazingly supportive.

Question: I do have heart disease. But I also have diabetes and am overweight. Can you help me with those conditions as well?

That is a great question? The simple answer is yes.

You remember I said I am guiding you into the most nutrient dense manner of eating known to man? There is a self-evident truth. The body wants to heal. Give it what it needs and let it do as Nature intends.

Most chronic conditions that affect our population are the result of extremely improper nutrition. Improper food habits are literally killing us. The two conditions, diabetes and being overweight, are actually two of the simplest conditions to resolve in a healthy manner in a relatively short period of time.

It is as simple as following the same guidelines as you would follow for your heart. Eat in the most nutrient dense manner possible forgoing harmful foods and heal whatever ails you, with very few exceptions.