four foundation pillars


Tug of war

Mixing Healing and Harm


Pulling Together

Clear All the Way


You have been introduced to the Four Foundation Pillars and effective seeds have been planted. It remains your choice whether to nurture these ideas into your life or to turn elsewhere. We are all drawn to connect with others for a reason. I would only encourage you to remember the jungle I referenced in Pillar III. There truly is a jungle out there.

I read an article from Harvard Medical School. The article was on Coronary Artery disease. The number one factor in the development of Coronary Artery Disease is diet. The article listed many contributing factors but failed to even mention diet. It is a sad state of affairs that medical students receive almost no nutritional training.

If you had stumbled on that site, already programmed to surrender to a medical approach to a lifestyle disease, you may have followed those trails a long time and still never find your way.

We face significant challenges when we decide to do what is necessary to actually heal Coronary and other vascular disease. Inactivity weakens our resolve. Junk foods stimulate endorphins providing a sense of euphoria. Drugs and alcohol dull our minds. Meats and cheeses and Snickers bars...deliciousness! We have gone way beyond a fondness for these things. We are addicted.

I encourage you to immerse yourself in The Heart-Healing System. With my help, you can lift yourself from the entrapment of disease and dietary addictions. You have nothing to lose and your life to gain.

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