Pillar II

Our habits have become crystalized such that change can be quite the challenge. We have developed tastes that, to our current way of thinking, are to follow us to the grave. Foods are gatherings encourage we maintain these accustomed habits...our culture bombards us with influences that promote failure for those who set out to build productive pathways of thought and habit.

"Decisive" Compliance is the Second Foundation Pillar. Many must return to this well time and again with a "never give up" attitude. After all, what we are fundamentally considering is the "healing path" from which our culture has aggressively steered us. For those with disease, and those yet to be diagnosed, walking this healing path , as you will discover, is an adventure into the forgotten world of our natural state of being.







It can't get any simpler than that!

A Whole Food Compliance is on the "Healing Path."

A Processed Food on the right promotes disease.

But we all know that, don't we?

"But," you say "the one on the right is so easy and it tastes so good.

Whole foods takes too much effort. I'll take the bag of chips, please."

Thus...the challenge!

Rediscover yOur natural state





Nature's Perfect Foods for Human Growth and Healing

Whole, Plant-Based Foods

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