Pillar III

The world's delusions can be like a thick jungle with no clear trail. I have a saying..."So Many Gurus...So Little Time." There are directions that turn you every which way but cannot, in the end, lead you through the dangers and out into the sunlight.

Once you discover an interest in heart health, whether from immediate need or simple curiosity for the sake of prevention, surfing the web introduces you to a vast array of possible directions to take. Many answers are called "heart healthy", a very misused and misdirecting term. Simply stated, much "heart-healthy" at best slows progression of disease while, at the same time, assuring increasing symptoms and the need for eventual interventions. This is unfortunate...and unnecessary!

HeartsFlow Healing makes every effort, based on science and thousands of years of experience, to guide you through the maze successfully. Though the path, at first, may be challenging, eventually the road straightens and leads into the sunlight. This we call "heart-healing."


Heart-Healthy vs Heart-Healing

The difference makes all the difference!

There are many cultures that have little to no chronic diseases like those that afflict the masses of modern humanity. Heart Disease is practically unheard of by these peoples. Regardless of geographical distances between, there is great similarity in lifestyle. These cultures host the longest lived and healthiest people on the planet. Much can be learned worthy of emulation should we choose to escape the harms we continue to inflict upon ourselves.

Allow me the privilege of guiding you on your healing journey. If you have accepted your mission to transform your entire vasculature into an optimally functioning system, I promise to fulfill my mission in helping you establish healing behaviors, eliminate disease symptoms, and establish medically quantifiable improvements.

Together, we succeed!

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