Pillar I

The First Foundation Pillar, Education, provides knowledge of the foods that heal and those that damage endothelium. You will come to understand why these foods act in the body as they do. This understanding will aid you in your transition to a Whole Food, Plant-Based approach to eating. All your nutritional needs are met without approaching any source other than your own gardens and grocery stores.

You will be focussing on the most nutrient dense foods. These foods provide the greatest variety of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and all the other phytonutrients nature provides.. Your body's nutritional needs will be met eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans. Your diet will become your most effective medicine!

When diseased, our vasculature is a cauldron of inflammation. We keep feeding that inflammation as if we are spraying gasoline on a house fire. Ask any effective is that in putting out fires?

You will learn why this manner of eating is so effective for healing Coronary and other vascular diseases. We will explore many of the more popular diets like Ketogenic and Mediterranean. You will learn specifically why vascular conditions require such strict adherence to detail and why so many other diets will not work for you when you are on a mission to transform your entire vasculature into an optimally functioning system.

When you complete the education provided by HeartsFlow Healing, you will have the specialized nutritional training, experience, and knowledge in the only diet proven to reverse Coronary and other vascular diseases. This information is invaluable to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This world needs an army of teachers who can knowledgeably inform those most in need and end avoidable and unnecessary deaths.


Never Too Early

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Never Too Late

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