Pillar IV

I can teach you. I can help you comply with the healing choices that will be effective. I can guide you in avoiding many pitfalls. The final piece of the Four Foundation Pillars, Support, may actually be needed the most. I felt mostly alone during the years establishing my new lifestyle. My wife, family, and friends were supportive, but not so much with the understanding of what I was really going through.

It was me that was hurting. It was me facing a most challenging future. It was me that, for a time, lived in fear. It was me cooking for me. It was me learning how to approach eating out in the world away from my kitchen. It was me always faced with temptation. In so many ways I have been alone. Dr. Esselstyn was there for me when I thought reaching out to him was appropriate. That was helpful but not the support mechanism to which I am referring.

I imagined creating a support group but I didn't know anybody else facing my challenges. If I met someone, they were unwilling to do any more than respectfully listen to my experience. For many people, the easier way is allowing their chest to be cut open and take medication the rest of their lives.

When I decided that my mission would be "to help Heart and other vascular patients by promoting healing, eliminate symptoms, and achieve quantifiable improvements," I knew Support would have to be given it's rightful place front and center in my efforts! Whatever I can do to make my clients feel that they are not alone, that they have someone who cares deeply, and will stand with them as participants of "The Heart-Healing System," is a non-negotiable priority.

One mechanism I have put in place in order to accomplish this is that, for those who participate in "The Heart-Healing System," through the entire training in Education, Compliance, and Guidance, you will be given a lifetime membership to attend any video conferencing you wish and use of all training materials. I invite active participation in our Facebook Group.

A caring connection with others is a powerful healer. I like to think of "Accountability Coaching" as my caring connection with my clients. I make myself personally available to help support your efforts for as long as you feel I can be of assistance.

I want you feeling loved and genuinely supported in the choices you have made to heal.

We encourage your wife, husband, child, or friend to participate in the first phases of your efforts by learning why you will be doing what you will be doing. I invite them to watch any videos, explore this website, and include themselves in all live video conferencing. Here's the thing...when you make the effort, you will experience improvements. As your friends and loved ones see you improve, they will naturally become more and more supportive of your efforts. You will become a powerful example in the lives of your family and friends.

If, due to your particular circumstances, you still find yourself alone, we will make every effort to connect you with another or others walking the same healing path as you are on. You can be each others accountability partners and provide and receive additional ongoing support.

Again, our goal with Foundation Pillar IV, Support, is to do all in our power to make sure no one is left feeling alone in their efforts. Your success depends on your efforts coupled with the support you receive.

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