Visionary Heart Patient

...faced with two conflicting choices...

It is the summer of 2007. I have a lot of chest pain. I am diagnosed with Severe Coronary Artery Disease. I get stents to open the worst blockages. I prepare my expectations for a lifetime of medications, stents, open-heart bypass surgery, pain, and a premature death.

The prognosis is bleak. The doctors might keep me alive many years, but my quality of life will suffer. The more I think about it, the more I imagine that there must be a different path without medical intervention and suffering.

I discover that there is a safe and proven alternative.

...Imagine this is your story...

Do you reluctantly surrender your future to the medical system?


Do you embrace the safe and proven alternative to reverse your condition?

If you have coronary or another vascular disease, it is essential you understand the information in this website and the nature of the choice you are presented.

A "Healing Subculture" exists unknown by so many who are in desperate need.

What is presented is the path to the alleviation of your suffering

and the enjoyment of many years with family and friends.

According to a study from the American Heart Association, 121.5 million American adults, or about 48.5 percent, deal with heart or blood vessel disease.

Over 17 million people worldwide die each year from heart disease.

How can this possibly happen?

Heart disease simply results from an improper diet.

There is only one diet proven to reverse Coronary Artery and other vascular diseases.

If this is true, aren't these deaths avoidable?

David Matthews

MY MISSION is helping Heart and

other vascular patients by promoting

healing, eliminating symptoms, and achieving

quantifiable improvements.

If you decide you want to "embrace the safe and proven alternative to reverse your condition"...

YOUR MISSION will be to return your vascular system

to optimal functioning,

thereby eliminating the cause for

Heart and other vascular disorders.

The Vascular System

The Vascular System is our key to the healthy functioning of our entire body. This system includes:

  • Arteries - Arteries supply oxygen laden blood, having passed through the lungs, to every cell along with the nutrients our cells require to live and replicate.

  • Veins - Veins remove carbon dioxide and other wastes resulting from cellular activities and move these where needed for removal from the body.

  • Capillaries - Capillaries are points of exchange for oxygen and nutrients to move into and carbon dioxide and other wastes out of our cellular tissues.

"The Heart-Healing Diet" promotes an optimally functioning vascular system. Diets, for most people, are far removed from optimal. Damaging molecules enter our vasculature, wreak havoc, and weaken the arterial wall resulting in disease and continuous inflammation. This goes on day by day, year after year, until symptoms and diagnosis occur.

My name is David Matthews. I have experienced the symptoms and the diagnosis of Severe Coronary Artery Disease. I can help you heal from your heart or other vascular condition and, in many cases, do so regardless of severity.

Most critical focus...endothelium

The one cell thick inner lining of our vasculature that is adjacent to the blood flow is called Endothelium. If these cells are continuously bathed in an anti-inflammatory flow of appropriate nutrition, an amazing transformation will happen.

There are foods that support endothelial function. There are foods that damage the endothelium. The latter foods are our most common choices. This abuse results in disease.

My job is teaching you the foods that produce significant vascular improvement. Equally as important is teaching the foods to avoid that promote disease progression.

Additionally, my job is guiding you into maintaining a compliant dietary lifestyle and providing an ongoing support mechanism.


"Heart-Healthy" is a relative term. However, foods promoted in this manner often contribute to heart disease.

Your mission is to return your vascular system to optimal functioning. This is what I call "Heart-Healing" and requires a different way of looking at these things.

Vascular patients cannot afford compromise. Slowing disease progression is not the holy grail we seek. Stopping progression and reversal is.

Compromise and you will fail to complete your mission.

You're thinking..."the heart-healing system" must be extreme!

I was told by a cardiologist that I required open-heart bypass surgery...have my chest cracked open...cut a vein from my leg...have it sewn onto coronary arteries to bypass blockages...get sewn back together...suffer and hope not to die.


I can eat as Nature intends...heal my existing conditions...avoid other chronic a long and purposeful life helping others avoid unnecessary disease experiences

Think about it...Which of these is the extreme option?



How you might benefit from "the Heart-Healing System"?

  • Stop hurting

  • Eliminate need for medications and surgeries

  • Control the disease that is killing you

  • Avoid premature death

  • Reawaken sexual desire and capability

  • Improve quality of life

  • Lose weight

  • Gain Self-Respect

Enjoy unlimited energy

"When following "The Heart-Healing System,"

our youthfulness increases with the passing of time!

in the footsteps of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

When I was first diagnosed with Severe Coronary Artery Disease, I became determined to find how I could avoid the progression of my disease and, in effect, heal from a disease not normally seen as "heal-able". I learned of a doctor in Cleveland, Ohio by the name of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. He was an early pioneer in the field of reversal of heart disease through diet. He is a true "Visionary" being one having unusual foresight and imagination up against the established medical forces that had the firmly entrenched belief that heart disease was not able to heal.

Dr. Esselstyn has had tremendous success by focussing on the primary cause of heart disease. His conclusion, based on many years of observing the experiences of his patients, is that Coronary and other vascular diseases are primarily resulting from improper diets.

The following photos show a forty four year old doctor's compliant journey from the brink of death back to life.

The photo on the left shows an inoperable arterial blockage with a bleak prognosis.

The photo on the right shows restoration from "The Heart-Healing Diet".

Following Dr. Esselstyn's guidance, this man's entire focus was diet. He took no medication.

David Matthews and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn attending an event for hospital administrators, doctors, and others in Nashville, Tennessee in 2015. Dr. Esselstyn was keynote speaker on the topic of “Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease.”

I have been mentored by Dr. Esselstyn and have received his support in my efforts to help others. I have followed his counsel for many years. I present his dietary recommendations in The Heart-Healing System. Whereas, Dr. Esselstyn focusses his program essentially on the diet, I also include exercise, meditation, and other forms of relaxation and centering techniques in my program. There are profound benefits for those willing to consider additional lifestyle improvements.

I have a significant advantage from which to offer education and guidance. I have experienced the rewards of long-term compliance with a "Heart-Healing" diet as well as the damages caused by attempting, at times, to modify a diet that was providing so much relief.

I have experienced the whole story...

not just the good part.

I am determined to help you avoid the

unnecessary pitfalls I experienced!

If you intend to fulfill your mission, I am here for you, fulfilling mine.

"The Heart-Healing System" is infused throughout the following Four Foundation Pillars.

Each Pillar is an essential component of your successful healing journey.